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7 power exercises to do at your desk

Lose those extra kilos gained during the festival with these simple exercises.

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  • schilamakurthi

    Video' will help a lot

  • jui7

    Adding exercise poses will surely help

  • poonambhatia01

    quite effective

  • poonambhatia01

    quite effective

  • venkateshannapreddy

    pictures will help a lot.

  • 14625ganesh

    Showing pictures are helping

  • anshumandash

    Some of the suggestions are so complicated. Please add simple pictures or videos.

  • liveyourdream

    Agree that some animated diagrams should help perform these exercises correctly

  • Kenzander

    Pictures will do.

  • Saiyalini

    showing poses will be usefull

  • mshauche@in.ibm.com

    to add the the above ... Video's would be more effective.

  • 371280

    Showing picture will be more useful