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9 Rules For a Good Marriage

This article helps one see the factors and tasks a marriage takes to grow with each passing moment. It also shows that people in a good marriage have completed few psychological "tasks" which you can also use for yourself. Read and learn more about your relationship.

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  • vihaanmum

    madansusam,you have entered a new phase of life.....and its a big responsibility for man to balance wife and his parents ....and u have to keep both of them happy..talk to ur wife...discuss each others problems..have an open talk and try to understand her view points and check why she feels that way ...if there s a proper reason for the same.....then sit together and decide...you are not the first person to face this issue...all bboys have that problem ..including my own family...I dnt stay with inlaws ...they are good ppl but I preferred having my own family set up...theres nothing wrong in having separate family set ups..each has its own pros and cons...and sometimes.its better that way....creates less problems and confusionbut be very clear with ur principles...and make her understand...how much u value ur parents...and set up some agreements ..like ...visit them often....visit them during festivals...etc ....balance it well.

  • simi

    This article is taken from the APA (American Psychological Association) Health Centre

    It would be of great help for the newly married couple if some facts/problems are discussed from the Indian family/culture concerned in general and the suggestive actions may be taken to solve the same.

  • madansusam

    my parents did everything and spent everything with me for my study and getting a good job. if wife don't want to if my parents stay with me...what should I do then ?

  • anilcts10

    I good marriage or successful wedding possible on when both not speak to gather i.e when on is speaking other get silent or listen with pretty smile��I am taking responsibility your marriage will be one of the successful wedding.

  • kaizan

    Its not practical, Ideal approach.