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Women and Multiple Role Stress

Women who work and have to look after the home and family typically undergo what is known as "Multiple Role Stress". This refers to the opposing pressures and demands from the multiple roles they are trying to juggle. Read the article to learn more about your difficulties with the various roles and how to manage them effectively.

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  • preetialloria

    I think this is the concern for all working women. How can we draw limits to each responsibility? The problem is worse when your partner is also in a highly demanding profession and can't share your responsibility even though he understands the issues.

  • krubarl

    Even I am having the same concern. I do not have a work life balance. Work, family and baby. Less sleep, but in laws do not understand and they have their own expectations. I do not even find a "me time" for myself. I have a one year old baby, but I am not able to spend enough time her because of the household work

  • SJain1

    Agree with sshali. How does one makes the in-laws understand? Although its not rocket science to understand that when a lady is working 16-17 hours a day [including household], she is ought to get tired. How difficult is that to see and grasp? ironically, weekends become more tiring than weekdays. :(

  • helpinneed

    This problem exists mainly because Indian IT companies have a fetish for long working hours. Try having a disciplined fixed work hour schedule. Do planning/estimation as they do in Germany and see how things fall in place. Since you work closely with companies make them understand this.

  • AnandMony

    Salute to all the Women in this World..

  • nithyass

    Yes..SShali is right...We should make our loved ones to understabd this..so that they can least expects from us..

  • Srinidhi

    yes that is ture we cant keep people force to understand us.

  • ddeeptis

    What if we as a woman understand it but other people in family have their own set of expectations from us?

  • sshali

    I would also like to know "How can we make this thing understand to our In-laws as well"