ePOSH is an interactive
cloud platform

that ensures legal compliance
to the POSH Act.

It enables you to automate POSH training,
complaint filing, IC management
and Annual Report generation.


Core Features

End-to-End POSH Management

The ePOSH platform hosts all material, reports and communication regarding POSH policies, compliance and implementation.

Inbuilt POSH Training

With training modules specific to the stakeholder (IC member or General Employee), educate and assess users on POSH laws and the company POSH policy.

Automated Complaint Filing

Users can file complaints discretely and directly on the platform with the help of templates. They can track the progress of their complaint and be notified of hearing(s).

Automated Investigation Reports

IC members/Admins are guided to frame investigation reports and file evidence, as per the law.

IC Management

IC members are prompted to acknowledge complaints, attend meetings, track cases and register verdicts.

Annual Report Generation

Automatically create the IC’s Annual Report in the legally required format.


ePOSH can be accessed through a web browser on any device.

Security & Confidentiality

All accounts and passwords are protected against system attacks. Emails are securely stored and accessible only to organizational admins.


Overall Legal Compliance

Ensures compliance with POSH laws across multiple workplaces and locations.

Effortless POSH training

Save on manhours with our automated POSH training & inductions for various stakeholders across multiple locations.

Seamless IC functioning

From training members to writing minutes of meetings to recording verdicts, ePOSH makes IC operations smooth and transparent.

Stressfree Annual Reports

Automatically generate legally compliant POSH Annual Reports.


ePOSH has multiple levels of security to
ensure confidentiality and legal compliance.

Information Security

All emails, reports and evidence are stored on a secure cloud with multi-factor authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Restricted Access

Users can only access the information, videos & material intended for them.

IC Confidentiality

All information pertaining to IC functions are accessible only to IC members and organizational admins.