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Portion controlled healthy meals and regular exercise go hand in hand for fitness. Weight loss requires a deficit in calories as well. Sometimes even with the efforts you may be taking to lose weight (and keep it off!), the changes do not seem apparent. These simple changes and hacks can help you inch closer towards your goals.

1.    In addition to exercise, find ways of being active during the day. Climb stairs at office. Climbing 3 flights of stairs burns 15 calories. This means, in a week you would have burned 105 calories
2.    Drink less beverages- Whether it be coffee, tea or soft drinks. The added sugar does just that, it adds up! Cut back on either the amount of sugar being added to tea/ coffee or the number of cups you drink in a day. Cutting back on 1 tsp. of sugar per day, creates a calorie deficit of 112 calories at the end of the week!
3.    Cutting down on carbs at each of your main meals also helps reduce calories. That extra slice of bread, an extra chapathi or that cup of rice. Think again, do you really need all the additional servings? Cutting back will save you almost 90- 100 calories in a day.
4.    Eating chapathis without ghee or bread without high calorie spreads like- butter, cheese or mayonnaise can save you about 102 calories in a day.
5.    Do not sit for long periods at a stretch at your desk. Get moving! Walk over to the filter, climb stairs, stretch... These exercises can help you burn more than 100 calories over the course of a day.
6.    Wear a pedometer, set a target and aim to achieve it. Whether it is walking more or burning extra calories.
7.    Have small frequent meals rather than 3 big ones. This keeps your metabolism active and you tend not to overeat or binge at main meals. Over a day, this can save you about 100 calories.
8.    Cut back on meat. Fill your plate with salad, daals and vegetables. By halving the amount of meat, you eat, this can save you more than 100 calories at a single meal.
9.    Ditch a snack just before bedtime. Brush your teeth instead. A fruit or a glass of milk can be avoided, after all you will be asleep in a few minutes. Have a glass of warm lime water instead and save 103 calories a day! 
10.    Festivals always carry the temptation of delicious sweets. Instead of eating a whole sweet share with those around you or take just half a sweet. 1 boondi laddu clocks up 185 kcal, break half or just a small piece and slowly savour it through the day. This can save you almost 100 calories.
11.    Ditch activities that involve unnecessary eating. Does popcorn always have to be synonymous with watching a movie? Drinks also go hand in hand with unhealthy snacks. Instead eat before heading to the theatre or ditch those drinks and ask your buddies to join you at the gym or to play a team sport.  This has the double benefit of saving calories and making you burn calories at the same time.
12.    Endeavour to make dinner a low-calorie meal every day or at least 4-5 days in a week. Start with a big bowl of garden or green salad. Then have a bowl of soup, plain daal or rasam with a small portion of whole grain carbs. Skip sweets, deep fried foods and meat.  At the end of 1 week, this can save you 400-500 calories a day.

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