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Oregano is an herb from the Mediterranean region, used for medicinal and cooking purposes. It is used in many cuisines and has a strong flavour. It is available in fresh, dried and oil forms and it used to impart its flavour into sauces, breads and marinades. Small quantity is usually sufficient to yield its flavour. It is rich in vitamin K! 1tsp of oregano can provide you 8% of daily vitamin K requirement.   

Studies have shown that oregano possesses many potential health benefits, which are as follows:

  • Oregano is rich in antioxidants and help fight free radicals. Several studies have said that oregano and its oil are rich in two antioxidants – carvacrol and thymol. These two antioxidants are known to help prevent damage to the cells caused by free-radicals. 
  • It has compounds which possess anti-bacterial properties. Several test tube studies showed that the essential oil present in oregano blocked the growth of many species and strains of bacteria.
  • Oregano has anti-cancer properties as they are rich in antioxidants. Few studies showed that oregano components can assist in destroying the cancerous cells. It suppresses the growth and kill the cancer cells.
  • Some studies said that oregano can also combat the growth of some viruses and deactivate them, apart from fighting against bacteria.
  • Oregano has essential oils which have anti-inflammatory compounds. One study showed that it reduced inflammatory markers in mice with inflamed colon.


Oregano can be added to many of the dishes like salads, savoury pancakes, soups, breads, stews, marinades, pastas, pizzas, chicken and meat dishes or side dishes (sabzi/ palya).

Always make sure oregano is added at the end of cooking. Chop it finely or grind it to obtain maximum flavours from it. Add in small amounts in the beginning and then add it accordingly if more is required.

People who are allergic to the plants like mint, basil, lavender should avoid the use of oregano as they all belong to the same family. Few people can face stomach upset with oregano, so it is essential to test the tolerance levels. Discontinue the use of oregano, if stomach upsets repeat several times when you include oregano in your diet.

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