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 New Parent

  • Post Partum Depression - A Self-Check

    If you are a new mother, no doubt you are excited and joyful about this new phase of life with your little one. However, some mothers find themselves feeling emotionally disturbed without much reason, and they?re not able to shake the feeling. Sometimes this can be a sign of post partum depression. In this article you will find helpful information on how to assess whether you just have the baby blues, or whether you may be depressed and need further help.

  • Worried About Low Milk Supply?

    It is common for new mothers to wonder whether their breastfed baby is getting enough milk. Since breastmilk cannot be measured like formula, it is hard to know how much baby is taking in at each feed. Here are answers to common worries mothers have about their supply of breastmilk.

  • How to Establish Your Milk Supply

    As a new mother, one of your main priorities in the first six months of your baby's life is to feed, feed, feed! Here's how to successfully establish your milk supply to ensure that your baby gets the nourishment he/she needs.

  • Handling Your Toddler Plus New Baby

    Much has been written about how a child may react once a younger sibling is born. However, little is written about how a mother's feelings towards her first child change in those early months after the birth of her second child. Did you know that mothers may react negatively too? Here's what some second time mothers had to say about having a second child, plus some tips on how to manage your active toddler with the new baby around.

  • Starting with Solid Foods

    It is always exciting for the parents to see their baby cross milestones! Starting with solid foods is one of those times where you are excited, but a little apprehensive too.

  • Breast milk - Your Baby's Immunity Shield!

    Till about 6 months of age, the baby's only food source is breast milk. It has all the nutrients and energy a baby requires till that age.

  • Is it Safe to add Salt and Sugar to Baby food?

    Many times when the baby is weaned off breast milk to solid foods, parents in all their excitement try to make the baby food as tasty as possible by adding either salt or sugar.

  • Galactogogues - Helping you feed your baby better!

    Galactogogues are foods which are believed to help in increasing milk production during lactation. Use of these foods has been in our culture since ancient times.

  • When Two becomes Three

    Parents may find strain and tension in their relationship with each other after the birth of a little baby. However everything can be sorted out by communicating clearly with each other and spending time together, however difficult it may be to schedule.

  • Sleep Strategies for Baby and New Parents

    Ask any new parent what they long for most and there are no prizes for guessing the answer!
    Though each baby is different and there is no magic formula for sleep, a few tried and tested tricks may just work for your bundle of joy.

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