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 Family & Friends

  • 6 Ways to Be There For Your Support System

    Support systems are what keep us motivated and going in times of difficulties. These support systems could include our friends, family, colleagues, partners, neighbors or acquaintances. If we want our relationships with friends and family to be ever so refreshing and young, we need to replenish our support systems

  • Reconnecting with Parents (for Adults)

    As we grow older, our dynamic with our parents changes too. This article contains ideas and suggestions on how both sides can navigate this change and maintain a healthy and loving relationship. 

  • Managing the Effects of Change Due to Frequent Job Transfers

    Having a job that involves frequent transfers can take its toll on different people. From children who might have a hard time adjusting to new places, a parent single-handedly managing taking care of children while their partner is away, aged parents not having the comfort of their child being around when they need the support. Let's look at some of the ways in which these situations can be managed better. 

  • 4 Types Of People To Have Around You

    When we are going through a really hard time such, it helps to have different kinds of people around us who can be of help in various different ways. This same logic can be applicable for our everyday life as well - as pertaining to a support system to have in our lives daily that might not necessarily be family related, but simply someone we know at our workplace or as an acquaintance. 

  • Creating Your Personal Village ? A Guide on the Important People You Need in Your Life

    In our adulthood, we not only require a support system but also need various different kinds of people to be part of this. Read this piece to find out what are the different kinds of people it is integral to have around us as we make the shit towards a more stable sense of self in our adulthood. 

  • Guilt and Expectations: Processing The Baggage of Care-giving for Parents

    Taking care of one's aged parents comes with its fair share of new adjustments to be made. This can sometimes be accompanied by a feeling of guilt about you feeling like you are not doing enough. This piece will look at a few ways in which a caregiver can process their feelings of guilt in such a situation. 

  • Caregiver Burnout: Identifying the Signs

    Taking care of a sick or elderly loved one is definitely a responsibility. As a caregiver, you may find yourself feeling unhappy or overwhelmed with the situation. Read on to find out what contributes to caregiver burnout.

  • How to be Assertive

    As you know, being assertive is a skill that we all require in varying degrees. It seems straightforward enough, but when it comes to implementing it in practical ways, we struggle. Learn how to be assertive, especially if you tend to be passive aggressive.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Building Real Relationships?

    Have you ever felt that you are more comfortable chatting with people online instead of in person? Do you keep on checking your social media profiles? Has social media become your most important way of communicating in your personal life? If any of the above is your story, then this article might be for you.

  • Helping a Friend or Loved One Cope with the Effects of Molestation - An Expert Column

    Recently, incidents of women being harassed or molested on the street have been making headlines. This has sparked anger, horror as well as much debate around the country. So what can you do to help if someone you know is a victim of molestation? Since this is a sensitive situation which leaves many of us at a loss for words, here are some helpful tips.

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