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 Family & Friends

  • Celebrating away from home

    Most of us look forward to celebrating festivals with our families and it can be hard if you are living alone and away from family or staying in a place where your festival is not being celebrated or is celebrated in a very different way. This article suggests a few ways to deal with this concern and celebrate festivals even when you are away from home...

  • When your friend is in trouble

    We often don't know what exactly to do when our friend is facing a difficulty. We're afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing, which might make the situation worse. We sometimes even avoid meeting someone simply because we're feeling awkward. Here are some things you can think about to help your friend...

  • Toxic friends

    While it is true that not all friends cause pain, it is also true that the pain caused by a friend is often the most difficult to forgive and forget. So how does one prevent this kind of pain? How can one recognize which friends are worth keeping and which will only become more and more hazardous as time passes? The list may help in preventing errors that are unnecessary and painful, so that you can cherish friends who are always there for you.

  • Adults and Their Parents

    Parents invest much of the most productive years of their lives in bringing up their children - providing for them, taking care of their physical needs, showering love and affection on them, and of course disciplining them. However, after the children become adults, the dynamics change and there might be steps that need to be taken to facilitate this change. This article tells you more about this.

  • 7 Ways to Build Meaningful Relationships

    Relationships take time and effort and an investment of one's emotions to cultivate. However, real relationships add meaning to one's life. Find out how one can build and strengthen their relationships.


  • Beat the Festival Blues

    Living away from home? Missing friends and family? If you are looking at helping yourself to overcome the gloominess that tends to come with being away from loved ones during festivals, this article can help.

  • Friends: A Blessing to be Cherished

    Friends are some of the most important people in the world... friendships do not just happen; it needs a lot of effort and love to set a friendship going and to keep one.

  • Making Friends

    Making friends while in college or school, might have felt easier. It is great when we have those intimate friends we can share with. However, when we are older and move away from known supportive groups for various reasons, it can be much harder to develop close friendships. Let's look at some of the ways we can help ourselves make friend.

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