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 Healthy Recipes

  • South Indian Breakfast Recipes

    South Indian tiffin items are tasty and filling. They make for a quick snack or breakfast on those hurried mornings. Most often we think of idlis and dosas in this category, but there are other delicious recipes to try as well. Go ahead and get cooking! 

    All these recipes given below are considered healthy as most of them are steamed, not fried.  

  • Home-made Supplement for Muscle mass

    Commercial supplements tend to be expensive and consumers shell out a lot of money   to meet their protein requirements. However, most of the time, the same can be met with natural ingredients available on our kitchen shelves.  

  • Mango Recipes!!

    Hot summer months also signal the arrival of a long-awaited fruit?. Mangoes! Both raw and ripe mangoes can be put to use in many ways. Try these delicious recipes to tickle your taste buds! Since some of these recipes are high in calories, stick to the recommended serving sizes.

  • 7 Easy and Tasty Recipes for Bachelors

    Staying alone and away from home does not mean you need to miss good food. Try these quick, easy to prepare and tasty recipes!

  • 10 Simmering Soup Recipes!

    Soups make great accompaniments to meals! They are healthy, wholesome and nourishing.

  • 5 Healthy Chaat Recipes

    Who says chaat has to be unhealthy? Transform your regular chaat with these healthy options.

  • 5 Protein Packed Vegetarian Recipes

    Vegetarian, and worried about your protein intake? We have it covered! Here are some delicious vegetarian recipes packed with protein!

  • High Protein Snacks for Weight Gain

    A healthy snack between meals when you are trying to gain weight is important.

  • Vitamin A Rich Recipes

    Healthy recipes to get you lots of vitamin A!

  • Iron Rich Recipes

    Jowar Methi rotis for lunch and a slice of date loaf at tea time! Dig in to these delicious recipes to help boost your iron status!

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