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3 Steps to Connect With Your Child

Communicating with children is not just one of the most pleasurable and rewarding experiences for both parent and child, but it also plays a major role in developing the personality of your child. This article will to help you learn certain communication tips that could enhance your relationship with your child.


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  • NiharikaY


  • denie

    Wish more people knew these.

  • chithracs

    Excellent!! Powerful parenting guidance with simple statements.

  • saanchibaid

    This article should be a must-read for all parents and to-be parents. Each word is so meaningful.

  • vidushir

    Reading this article as well as the comments above, I believe the steps given would be most helpful for parents and their relationship with their teenage children. Adolescence is a tough stage of life to figure out and as a parent adopting these steps would make the child\'s adolescent struggle easier. Having that open line of communication is crucial and if parents follow these baisc steps that process would become simple for everyone.

  • AbhilashaM

    Very helpful - thank you for sharing!

  • bgignatius

    Simple actionable points that help with happy parenting

  • saddamhussain

    very good info.. all parents must read this...


    Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  • RamyaDinesh

    Very nice article.

  • anlakshmi

    good information...

  • hanithau

    Good one..

  • pssumaiya

    thanks for sharing :)

  • pssumaiya

    thanks for sharing :)

  • ecmvenkats

    good article and keep sharing articles like these.....

  • vijayakumar m

    Good one

  • vijayakumar m

    Good one

  • vijayakumar m

    Good one

  • anjudevassy


  • ASRS

    This is a good one.. There are good takeaways...


    Excellent article. Nice approach to have bonding with Children.

  • raghusrao

    I have realised I have NOT been listening to my 16 year old son and have always been assuming he talks too much for his age. I guess there is sense in what you are advising and I need to put to your advise to practise immediately before it is too late.

  • Santoshij

    Nice.. interesting small things covered.

  • dineshpk

    A very good article.... Helps well to connect with the kids and care them!

  • vsolomon77

    Very Good article

  • Gayatrhirajesh


  • satya211


  • satya211


  • anish@ayush

    Really good one. Sometimes, we won't listen to them, that hurts them a lot.

  • poonambhatia01

    Good notes


    Great notes though very simple which we people tend not to realize :)

  • ravikumarms

    Thanks for the tips.....

  • chetan_jn

    Very interesting fact

  • tksaxena

    Good one.....Can take parenting tips !!

  • hitanshuc

    Really good article ...!

  • cameo18

    Very true. Can totally relate to it. Every point mentioned in this article is correct and is something my parents never did and hence we have a terrible relationship.

  • Rajiv2509

    I just can say.. Thank you so much!

  • asandhu

    This will really help me to understand my children better

  • Akshaykumar Patil

    Good to follow these steps to make children happy about what we are with them.

  • best2012

    Reallly interesting to read.Have taken into account all the minutes of children's expectations. Can read once in a while to take it within :)

  • sivananda Reddy

    Good One..