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9 Steps to Manage Stress at Workplace

All of us experience stress at one time or the other. Managing stress is something that has to be done at several levels, depending on the cause of the stress. However, there are certain things that we can all do to keep from being overwhelmed by stress.

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  • sb.kalatage@airindia.in


  • girishdkumar

    Thank you

  • SSJ19

    These are useful and practical tips for managing workplace stress, and also gives each person the chance to creatively tailor each tip in a way that suits their lifestyle or workplace setup.

    Sanjana J

  • SakthilaS

    Learn to handle or ignore interruptions

  • ThejopraK

    Thank you for your valueble thoughts.

  • rahmane

    Yes , Meditation is also

  • birjuram7

    Taking deep breath and holding for 5 seconds every half hour will reduce stress and will keep you fresh all time. Try it out and please comment.

  • 423200

    Nice information!!

  • SermarajM

    Eat and sleep well. Exercise everyday. It will reduce stress.

  • sachinborse

    Dance on a fav. song can bring the stress level down

  • MohanaprS1

    mind also free

  • trichynathan

    long drive and small walk talking to your loved once can also help at reduce the stress

  • LathaN

    First of all Drink Water., and Relax. Listen Music., Seeing Comedy. , It will reduce the stress..

  • sagardhanawade

    Small walk, talking to your dear ones/friends can also help at some extent.

  • csmovv1977

    Meditation will help to some extent.