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Adults and Their Parents

Parents invest much of the most productive years of their lives in bringing up their children - providing for them, taking care of their physical needs, showering love and affection on them, and of course disciplining them. However, after the children become adults, the dynamics change and there might be steps that need to be taken to facilitate this change. This article tells you more about this.

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affection transtition difficult


  • SimratSinsinwar

    Great insights, captures the challenges of an adult and their parents very well. practical advice and suits both the parents and the grown child!

  • ashwini_pc

    Nicely written!

  • summer14

    This is a very relatable article and well written thank you.

  • Jagan612

    i agree with Sam1101 because my parents don't like the new tech changes

  • srisakthi

    my in laws force us t o follow their dreams only

  • Sam1101

    It's very difficult to make my parents adopt any technological means to remain connected as said. Also they never take up any hobby, or some other diversion except of thinking always about 'empty nest'.

  • 1969

    my son having 17 years old but not have self confidence