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Assertion: A style of Communication

Have you ever felt like saying 'no' to someone but said a 'yes' instead, compromising on your needs? To know more about learning the skill of assertive communication, take a look inside and enjoy the new you .

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  • strangerself

    This article is showcased under self help but this just a intro about assertion but does not give any knowledge. Can not be put under self help

  • Weird username

    Asserting your needs and wants in an appropriate and acceptable ways, where one respect one?s needs and clearly communicates.

  • regithomas

    The article does not suggest any means how to be assertive.

  • tatha90

    Not at all a good one, does not provide any means of how to be assertive.

  • jesrial

    Honestly I thought the article would be in-depth, but I'm disappointed.

  • embadia

    Good article

  • Arjunkennedy

    NiCe learning

  • rajaero

    It is really awesome...

  • sabya2311

    nice one

  • raj666

    nice need to learn more

  • revkayt

    Good article