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Battling Anxiety

All of us feel anxious and stressed out from time to time. Situations such as meeting tight deadlines, difficulties with relationships, or even battling traffic often bring about anxious feelings in us. This article helps you understand more about anxiety and its symptoms.

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  • Mnitnaware

    I really appreciate discussing this topic..Although it is not the usual topic we talk on.But somewhere or the other many of us experience anxiety.Now I am aware such disease too exists and I realize it

  • personal1

    Hi, I want to talk with a counselor online but I do not want to share my phone number. What should I do?

  • personal1

    Hi, I want to talk with a counselor online but I do not want to share my phone number. What should I do?

  • nelseq

    I suffer from OCD and from last 8 years, I having it. I was on medication but I stopped in between. again it has started getting worse. I just think till when I have to face this. It makes me weak.

  • NarasimhaG

    If you are reading this, you are already half way through, where you have accepted your anxiety and open to seek help. One common mistake people do is getting anxious about being anxious. Its very very common. And the first step towards moving in the right direction is to start acknowledging your wins and start accepting yourself. You are what you are for a reason of your past and a positive thought in you will help your progress towards the right direction.

  • Nik3614

    Lots of videos and material are available on this on You Tube and on internet which may prove very helpful

  • Brandon86

    Good Information....just similar to what I suffer from. I need more info related to overcome this anxiety and panic..once i know an effective way of handling and relaxation process then its gone..

  • sujith_pv

    Yes it is a tough challenge for the people suffering. For me, I used to get afraid when next panic attack will come, few times it used erupt...but consciously, I remained calm and silent to overcome it.also one medicine was kept in purse.The thought that that medicine will help, came as a boon to me. Then I started taking things less seriously and concentrated on my work more. I agree it is difficult to convince family members. I have wife and a 2 year daughter. It was tough time.... Now things are becoming ok..eventhough I am not fully recovered.. I understood the fearing doesnot solve problems..

  • Fiyaz

    good information much helpful

  • msnp

    Good to know... people and circumstances can influence one to have anxious moments. Interestingly, people who have anxiety might not be aware of the long term effects.

  • nitinsawant

    life sucks

  • wahid1976

    nice information

  • Suche

    good article....

  • tiger786

    good i AM ACTUALLY SUFFERING FROM IT, But will come out

  • vermaask

    How much time it takes to recover

  • simanchal

    A very good article. It helped me a lot. I was suffering from Anxiety but I was thinking I got some seriour disease. After treatment and good lifestyle I recovered.

  • kulkarni ranganath

    Worth sharing Article with people who gossip for simple discomfort in their daily lives

  • rkulk

    nice information

  • mbamane

    Anxiety....Good to know this...

  • sweetrash87

    Very informative....!!!!!!!!

  • aparnapolaki

    Good one

  • bhargavas

    very good information

  • umishra

    its good

  • guptasatk

    good information.