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Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) helps you to determine if your weight is in the normal range, or if you are underweight or overweight.

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BMI fitness weight height


  • gotnoname

    BMI still not active

  • HannahMohan

    You can Calculate it manually too. Here we go :) (Metric Calculation generally used in India) BMI = (your weight in Kgs)/ (your height in meter^2) Conversions: 1 foot = 0.3048 metres 1 inch = 0.0254 metres Eg: If your height is 5 feet and 8 inches and weight is 72 kgs 5'8" = (5*0.3048) + (8*0.0254) = 1.73 meters BMI = 72/(1.73^2) = 24.05 (Normal) The healthy weight for this height is 73 to 74 kgs.

  • agi73

    BMI calculator not active

  • Kenzander

    Any links as how to check BMI??

  • smaduraimuthu

    good one

  • raghusrao

    I tried it sometime back it worked; now it is not working...

  • PrashantD

    BMI Calculater is not working, please active it or delete the option

  • soorajms

    where am i check the BMI option in this site???

  • Sonal

    still it is not working!

  • BardaPrasad

    after 21 days also BMI calculator is not active.

  • anpaydwivedi

    BMI calculater in not active.