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Can children be praised too much?

We all understand that praise does encourage and sometimes motivate a person to do better. Books and articles on parenting talk about the benefits of praise, but is there a problem with too much praise? Does excessive praise affect a child's behaviour and emotional growth? What does too much praise do to a child?

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  • Mohitha44

    Nice article.

  • se2krish

    Good one for all Parents

  • nelseq

    Good article. When some parents are told this they make a debatable topic and it becomes tough to explain it to them. Hope looking at sucha a article from a counsellor site would help t

  • MohanaprS1

    Nice article.

  • Kratia

    Nice article. Could you please elaborate more with some examples giving the expected behavior of parents. Like in case child fails to win price in running race and is crying since the friend of him has won. How should parents handle it. Straight forward telling child that his performance was poor so he lost might disappoint him and also loosen his self confidence.