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Celebrating away from home

Most of us look forward to celebrating festivals with our families and it can be hard if you are living alone and away from family or staying in a place where your festival is not being celebrated or is celebrated in a very different way. This article suggests a few ways to deal with this concern and celebrate festivals even when you are away from home...

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  • udayabhanu

    Good suggestion, but during the festival don't drink & drive.

  • KarthicP

    Interesting one...??

  • Rajinihari

    This is bacis one but we do not following now a days in our life!

  • Dadalaiah

    very interesting, this is really help us to keep our life happy

  • manchusandy

    Good Read .. !

  • KrishnaChandar

    I agree @pedagogy

  • umangam

    the best one ~ Volunteer at an NGO. Make the festival special for the needy. You will be surrounded by people who will genuinely appreciate your effort - it's very satisfying!

  • dhanraj123

    Video calls with latest Mobiles to watch live ??

  • dhanraj123

    Video calls with latest Mobiles to watch live ??

  • pedagogy

    Great ideas, good read, but these will not give us the feeling of celebrating festivals with family and that attachment..

  • Gokuldas

    Good one and interesting