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Communication in Marriage

Let us look at some of the simplest ways to begin the process of good communication in marriage. This article will guide you with basic steps towards preventing a communication gap and communicating more effectively with your partner.

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  • 370698

    Nice article... Sounds like a subset of John Gray's book.

  • vijaykumarkanugula

    good piece of information.... men and women's role in life after marriage is rightly explained.... fantastic...

  • ManishaKulkarni

    Good article... Mention of "Active listening skills" for men is really appreciated...!!!!

  • irah7791

    yeah...Very simple yet quite revealing as to why Men and Women behave the way they do. It's all in the genes then !! Nice piece of information everyone needs to know.

  • rrajprabhu

    Good one @arifa: You can try this book I find it quite interesting: Men from mars women from Venus

  • Gouriksdad

    Nice one. Wish it could have some conversations and analysis done from each Man and wife side. It is crystal clear that ladies want to share but muddy when they are asking for solution. And how can a Husband differentiate? "Sure it is" "I understand" "I feel it too" "don't worry" are magic words but always are not effective when your lady is "repeating" which is often! Saying "Hmm" "yeah Ok" or any other verbal cues aggravates the matter to an extent that you two don't even feel connected!!!

  • arifa

    same is the situation with me but I m not getting how to cope-up with the situation still, he will always b silent and I cnt handle silence which makes me feel alone even in his presence... can anyone suggest me how to come out of this

  • karthikkr

    really awesome...thank you

  • ybc123

    Thank you for sharing good knowledge

  • rakeshrai84

    good article.

  • whiteboard

    Awesome article.pls continue to write on varied topics..its helpful

  • jaideba

    Fantastic !!!

  • desertrose13

    Very nicely article. Especially the part on how evolution shaped the way men and women communicate.