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Creating Healthy Boundaries at the Workplace

Work is not just about projects, numbers and negotiations; it is also about relationships with your co-workers. Maintaining healthy boundaries with your co-workers plays a big part in a successful professional life and a healthy organization. It is a fine balancing act to be friendly and approachable and at the same time not to overstep boundaries. When colleagues become friends it is a completely different ball game, one that needs to be played with sensitivity and finesse.

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  • 1TO1PH

    Helpful !

  • ChaitraReddy

    Yes very good article and comments, we are here to work and earn livings. Thank You.

  • nelseq

    good article but the example you gave about the confidante was confusion. Even if i am going thru a divorce how should i stop my promotion. It my personal life?

  • Pandari


  • mint291

    good article,,,,,,,,,

  • Sanobia

    Quite justified article......at end we are here to work and earn livings...cuties :)

  • Sanjay.sky87

    Nice Article. A must read for everyone.

  • rakeshambati

    ' Your first priority is to get the job done even if it means that you might upset your friend at work' . Good one

  • gallysundar

    nice one

  • debus75

    Excellent Article...a must for all middle management team leaders