Dealing With Unhealthy Competition at Work

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In the workplace, all of us are encouraged to be professional about giving and receiving feedback, and to be gracious when someone else is receiving an award. In the face of competition, there are going to be times when conflicts can arise among colleagues, which can end up getting out of hand. Conflicts at work can arise for a number of reasons.




I liked how the article brings down a very complex feeling of jealousy at work to a more relatable human need for acknowledgement and appreciation. It provides the reader to sit in the other persons chair and look at the same scenario, which in itself is very relieving as a lot of the negative feelings and emotions seem reasonable and relatable when seen through the lens of the other.


Urging one to look at it from the colleague\'s perspective is a wonderful way to promote a nurturing and empathic work environment. The article manages to communicate this without compromising on personal boundaries. Lovely article!


still we need more specific input based on the different scanario


Really it helps to come out of these kind of situation. We need to build ourself more stronger rather feeling bad.


Yes the article was helpful the point "Understand it from their point of view:" describes my exact state in office and very much useful. Like to see more of these kind.