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Disciplining Children in Public

A child misbehaving in public may lead parents to overreact and feel frustrated. After all, kids of good parents are supposed to behave themselves. A public incident is very embarrassing for  parents as it attracts a lot of attention. A little planning can help parents deal with children misbehaving in public.

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  • anks94

    As an adult, when I look back at my life, if I would have had a bit more empathetic and a sensitive environment from all the adults around me, I believe that I would have been a better and a well-adjusted human being. I think this article really reinforces the impact of childhood experiences on our adult life



  • arijitmodak

    nice topic covered

  • Winner28

    informative & insighful

  • Kalash28

    very good & helpful information....

  • Kalash28

    Very nicely articulated thoughts...

  • nagaravi

    while reading everything looks so simple, when we start handling the kid we forget everything and handle the kid in quite opposite way that was told in the article

  • Neerish

    Nice article. Same here. How much ever I tell myself 'Today I should not shout or scold my kid'...the moment they start a tantrum, you lose your cool :(..

  • joka

    Very well articulated, thank you.

  • kesaba

    informative and be practicable

  • Ashok Kumar K

    very good information


    Very helpful to Discipline the kids

  • bennyeben

    Hi, my baby is 3 months old, and this article will help me to grow my baby in right way. Please publish more articles on "Parenting" for babys less than 1 year.

  • sirimithun

    it is really interesting and helped me in parenting

  • rachelsmita

    The article is really very interesting... however inspite of following all the above methods, I loose my patience and start shouting at my kids.