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Are you lonely?

In the most common sense, loneliness is described as a state that occurs when one is isolated or alone. But does one feel lonely when they are in solitude, or is there more to it? Read on to find out.

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  • avneetkc

    I think loneliness has taken a different turn in the current times where social gatherings and hanging out has become more of a risk than a desired activity. Although people have moved towards video calls and connecting with each other virtually, nothing can ever take the place of having the presence of another person, or people, around you. Plenty individuals suddenly found themselves without any social contact when lockdown restrictions had been placed. At such times, self-care and mental wellbeing become a necessity.
    - Avneet Kaur

  • Pramod50

    Thank you so much for this chapter

  • Hirath

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. Try 2 search a precious person like that within your contact list, current & previous friend's circle, usual faces near by you & your living place. Most of all that quality must shine from you either. This will keep you committed 24x7 way long in life.

  • abhi3012

    Try to keep yourself busy..read,learn new things,join classes,gym etc. If you keep yourself occupied you'll not feel lonely it is nothing but psychology and who knows when are doing these things you might find someone who can understand you and help you..

  • tired1432

    i think i'm depressed of being lonely

  • shyam2354

    Its gud sayings, but sometimes people goes away because they are getting some another better than us..for which we became alone, bt that time only, we have to think positive and we will try to make some new frnds.@paro1234

  • dka12161

    Please Provide Solution and resolve...!

  • dka12161


  • paro1234

    pls help i m lonely cannt make friend if make friend thy go away , they say i am rude.pls help