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Expressing your Anger

Anger is a  natural emotion. Anger itself is neither good nor bad, but it is often expressed in ways that are negative and destructive. When this happens, it could spoil your relationships and you would probably regret it afterwards.

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  • kannubaby

    So many comments, seems most of the people are suffering. I will try pillow technique. I have a reputation for being hot tempered

  • Present155

    Pillow stuff u suggested is really good..Gonna try it out ;)

  • 121956

    No comments

  • MonikaSridevi

    really helpful... THANK YOU!!!

  • ItsjustMe

    all who disagree, has anyone approached for help out here and received it ? your inputs would be valuable

  • rageshtr

    Anger is related to one's personality and principles. Gandhi was a great man who expressed his anger in a very productive way to give us freedom. Anger is directly related to injustice and insult. It is rooted in the fact that not all are alike. While we work as a group, we should also understand that each individual has his/her character. When people believing in different values come together, there is a very big chance of discord. I think that in situations like that, we should focus on the purpose of our coming together and try to achieve that goal, instead of focusing on the blame game. There are limits to striking accord depending on the life background of every individual. For example people of same age group get together very well. Like very rightly mentioned, we cannot be angry with the elderly. These are not always happening. On a final note, anger is not all that bad! It is very close in letters to 'hunger', which is very essential. Just like 'overeating' when hungry causes issues, so does anger. If we manage anger right, it can also lead to making us achieve great things. Our freedom from British rule is worth remembering. :)

  • Karuppan

    I do agree that its tough to follow all these tips. have heard like counting numbers in reverse , drinking water etc will not work out when someone is so angry and yell at you. you have to follow different techniques based on the situation..

  • nawinkumar9

    easier said than done !!!

  • FIS3017679

    Thank you for the article..!

  • runas

    If you are working on managing your anger or any other emotions, then I would suggest working with a counselor as well. I hope reading this article gives you insight but also encourages you to continue working and exploring the ways that work for you!

  • RubinaNikhat

    Thank you !.. Seems helpful.

  • VinSun

    Thanks for this post :) Need to implement these ideas to reduce my angry. At times when we come accross some situation and we recieve the same situation message - that makes mind peaceful. Today I was angry for some reason and I received this post which made my mind to relax. Thank you!

  • gsvk68

    My feedback is that learning helps to reduce no. of incidents that went out of your control compared to the past eventhough it cant eliminate it completely. Ofcourse teaching is easy, following is difficult but again that doesnt mean we wont learn.

  • mint291

    agree with yamini.....let me see if this site can actually help getting out of mental loop and perplexed situations

  • yamini

    its easy to write big things but difficult to follow it.

  • decha

    good ideas, will really hep

  • arunaggarwal

    Good One.....I'm totally agree.