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Forgiveness: A New Beginning

As life moves on, we close chapters in our lives to begin new ones. We leave behind experiences of the past to create new memories. However, there are some experiences of the past that seem to haunt us forever, like anchors that prevent us from sailing ahead. This article looks at why it is necessary to forgive the past and move on…

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  • Mohitha44

    This is a beautiful article.

  • SiranjeeC

    Thanks for this article and especially for the lines " When we allow any act of another person to hurt us, we hand over the power and control of our life and emotions to that person. Forgiveness is taking back this power, and deciding for oneself what will and will not affect one." and "Forgiving does not erase the bitter past. A healed memory is not a deleted memory." It makes me to feel good and what to do next because at the time of reading this article i was in temper.Now,i'm feeling good..

  • lissac

    Very true

  • lissac

    Very true

  • sujitdeora

    nice article..

  • stambadi

    Well said... Valid point shared.. Thanks..

  • Sanobia

    I completely agree with the article, seriously believe me I did this and touch wood I am relieved from the unforgettable pain. I do have some more topic or memories to apply this theory, but this only work when you seriously from your heart want to do this. I do it fro myself.

  • nitul88

    but, how to forgive?... is it by just saying "pls forgive me for all the deeds and actions that I have committed, which in anyway has hurt you, but was not intended to be.." or any other way. pls help

  • lak_suresh

    Wonderful...... I would start practising


    Nice and Thank you