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Fun Activities for Children

In this section you will find a whole lot of activities that you can share with your child - and we'll be regularly adding more. Pick up new ideas and surprise your child.



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Craft activities children fun holiday planning


  • Poohey

    Informative and quiet interesting to have read all the activities that can be used with children. although there are several other resources available with us to help our kids develop we fail to realize and understand the preferences and choice of activity that the kid would like to enjoy and i like the fact that author places emphases on showing a demonstration by the parent for the kid to learn. these days i think kids are just provided with tabs and gadgets and they are expected to learn it themselves but here there is a real time experience from the primary caregiver :)

  • mamiNihar

    very nice information

  • Preejajoel

    Nice information

  • kallem

    Informative, would be much better categorising the activity by age