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Gender Differences in Emotion

Women across the world complain about their partners saying, "He never talks about his feelings" or worse, "He is so insensitive - he turns around and goes to sleep even if I am crying!" There are exceptions to every rule, it is generally said that women are more emotional and communicative while men are practical and solution focused. Let us read further and understand why.

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  • sumai


  • kannubaby

    Such a beautiful read. I hurt the guy yesterday with my emotions, now let me deal with it.

  • kppatel

    It's Ok

  • surfmesudha

    Really true and nice article!!

  • 586876

    This is true and solution oriented. Nice.

  • MegalaPreethi

    The reality and the solution is highlighted in short. Good!

  • yatra

    Ah... dejavu...... This article simply put in perspective the problem i have been facing... quite revealing and actually helpful! thanks!!!

  • shashankjain

    quite helpful