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Get into the Habit of Waking Early

Researchers have found that those who sleep past 9 am on weekdays tend to be more stressed, overweight, and depressed than those who get up by 7 am. If you have been a late riser it's not so easy to start waking up early. However, experts say it may be worth making the switch.

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sleep early night morning


  • prasanthrajendran

    Thanks for the article :)

  • GowthamT

    It gives me positive thoughts ..

  • devaarasu

    Too good and well explained. Encourages practicing sincerely.

  • MIRA

    Very useful article. Decided to follow from today itself.

  • Shalluyadav

    very useful article. I am gonna use the tips mentioned in this article :)

  • senthilshakila

    Worthy article:)

  • Nitish07

    nice article...

  • gupta_jee

    fantastic !!!

  • KEVIN007

    I read an article which states people who sleep more in the morning have less body problems when compared to others who sleep less and wake up early, forgot to add you need to work out to.

  • Steff1

    I definitely agree with the fact that we easily forget our goals when we don't have them clearly set. I will try writing them down twice daily. Hopefully it helps!

  • tiwareeman


  • Avril

    I'm gonna try this from tomorrow :)

  • GuptaBimal

    common sense , but it works !

  • Jeet143

    This article reminds me of the saying - "Where there is a will, there is a way". To lead a healthy life it will surely help anyone who is able to abide the rules.

  • msachin2702

    Reading this article has clarified many things about "Why we should wake up early?". I have committed myself to wake up at the same time for at least 15 days to start with.