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What to Avoid while Communicating

It was found that while conflict by itself may not be destructive to a relationship, certain communication patterns repeated and intensified over time could spell the deathblow to the relationship. Find out if you are the victim of any pattern and improve it now.

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  • renuzzo

    If these are to be avoided, then could you also advise what form of communication can be used to discuss an issue?

  • geekyashish

    nice and very useful

  • kouasda

    Awesome article, nicely described and explained. I took a print out of this and showed to my partner and the article helped me to rejuvenate the real picture and label our conversations against criticism, contempt, defensiveness, emotional flooding, stonewalling etc and we're now heading to great understanding and well mannered relationship and regain/recognized the respect for each other.

  • vijayvictoria

    Thank you for this article.