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Helping your Child Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is important at every age, especially in the early years of life because that's when habits are formed!

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child nutrition foods for your child healthy eating


  • anuj003

    I agree with Ritu, this is generic info...

  • anuj003

    I agree with Ritu, this is generic info...

  • Ritu

    Its a general information available on all the web site, it will be good to add examples. like if he don't like onion then how to make kid eat it, or may be how to control watching video while eating ....

  • shobhaku

    very good article!

  • sputnik

    What kind of food games you are talking about. Can you pls. elaborate and give example?

  • ganeshmadge

    Thanks .. will surely follow this .. this is one of the major issue now a days.

  • kvbala

    Nice Article..

  • satishw

    great information....this is exactly what I was looking for....

  • uttampune

    I liked this part "Parents play the role model for children, so whatever the parents eat, the child will follow" very much.

  • ca_chandu

    Interesting article. This really helps to parents how to motivate kids to follow healthy food habits. I also realized that first we need to change before insisting on kids!! Good.