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Is it Time to Let Go

Some relationships are not made in heaven and certainly not meant to last "till death do us apart" . If you think you are in such a relationship, it might be better to pull the plug now rather than regretting it later. Of course, like most things in life, it is easier said than done - there are several reasons why people stick on in impossible relationships, perhaps hoping for a miracle that would make things better

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  • pbalachandar

    Are breakups applicable only for husband and wife OR a man and woman in love? Is it ok for parents to breakup especially when the children are still minor?

  • jinxed

    it is very important for people to realize the difference between a toxic and healthy relationship. unfortunately, due to TV and movies, people have the wrong idea about love and many times end up in the wrong situation.

  • Vighnaharta

    Its not easy to call off relationship , specially when our mind, body ,and soul is engaged with that person , It is easy to say that I can face world alone, but practically we need someone to take care, to guide, to mentor for whole life.

  • smadhash

    Some times , we have to face the issues.................. even no mistake is from us.............

  • raisr

    One more time means how many times exactly? People has tendency to keep trying and in this process life becomes more miserable

  • ajaikartik

    Keep calm and hold on to your love. Don't initiate a break-up

  • Ranjith Mihavel


  • NanNe

    Its not that easy to call off a relationship, I knw C wnt turn back 2 me again, but I cdnt call it off. D times n hr memories r killing me. Still waiting for her more than a year. Days kept passing by...........Loneliness stabs me evry mmt.....

  • prinka

    Unable to decide whether to hold on and wait for him, or to let go and face the world alone... both are equally tough..

  • Sanobia

    I completely go with teh article, coz, if you love yourself nad the people who live and love you than, one prson leaving, will make no difference, love- always makes you happy and give you a feeling of completeness. If you not satisfied...baby just move on :) you will, surely get teh ebst man in your life. Trust your creator.

  • shconfused

    what if the relationship is complicated in a completely different way

  • chandy

    Nothing justifies staying in an abusive relationship... One big reason,people stay is when people do not realize that they are being abused.. They make excuses for the abusive behaviour, often mislabeling possessiveness or controlling behaviours to be that 'he/she loves me so much'

  • bhanucc

    Its better to stay away from such a partner, But her memories are killing me.

  • rakeshbgupta

    But if the relationship makes you weak,negative and affecting your mood n performance in every other sphere of life then its better to face the world alone.

  • priya2286

    exactly.. deciding to give a one more chance or move away.. is really a tough task..

  • smitha1083

    Very true... thinking of being alone makes me cry..

  • ardent

    This article correctly mentions the reasons not to end the relationship. Being alone and facing the world is the most scary thought one can have.