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Jar of life

In the regular hustle- bustle of life, we try and accomplish all the tasks we may have decided we need to complete. But at the end of the day we are left feeling despair because though we may have achieved all our goals, it is only then that it dawns on us that we have not spent enough time with the people who matter to us, or activities which bring meaning to our life. This article tells us about the significance of all those we ignore or take for granted by the use of a short story.

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  • arunUR

    Nice One, Simply superb !!!!!

  • gaurav04

    good 1..

  • krishnanatcts


  • krishnanatcts


  • Ashvini21

    nice example :)

  • Nivijessi

    Nice one..!

  • PavithraT

    Wonderful example - very nice

  • kkabalavai

    It's a very powerful analogy but often times where people fail is to understand or recognize what is more important (rock) vs. what's less important (sand). The reason is mostly because we don't recognize that the activity of prioritizing itself is a rock.

  • swatipawar121

    very nice..

  • rm180890


  • aks4you

    Really nice

  • shivanandp

    Good example to understand the priorities of life... ;-)

  • saran141



    Wow... Very nice !!


    Wow... Very nice !!

  • sivananda Reddy

    Very True..Worth reading infinte times..