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Learn Something New

Did you think that ‘learning' was something you left behind you once you left college? On the contrary, learning is something that you can do all your life, and yes, it is something that you might do even if you don't HAVE to! This does not mean poring over text books (although that may be involved) but any kind of activity where you gain a skill or knowledge, whether physical or mental, work-related or personal.

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  • PoDeSu


  • MounaSridhar

    A good piece, reminding us to try something new and move out of our comfort zone, one step at at time!

  • Emesjey1to1

    a good reminder note....

  • maadu

    நல்ல செய்தி

  • StarTG

    Good read..

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    nice article



  • SanjayPatidar

    it's really helpful

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    very nice article

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    good one

  • prabun

    good one

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    really helpfull

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    Good Article

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    Nice article