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Life After Divorce

Divorce is something that you thought happens to other people, something that you have privately in your heart thought ‘will never happen to me', because in some magical way YOU will be able to solve whatever is wrong in your marriage. But perhaps after a very difficult time in the marriage, and even worse time during the divorce, you have become something that you never thought you would be...a divorcee.

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life after divorce broken marriage feeling helpless worried about future effects of divorce divorcee separation


  • Sunshyne

    Divorce is so difficult.. especially when you love the other person but living with them becomes difficult.. you can neither hang on nor let go..

  • Hitul

    wow.. so relatable!!

  • Spadhye

    well written. will be a divorcee soon. In process..

  • gaurav1234

    nice topic... i m recent divorcee... :(