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Lose weight the common sense way

These days it seems like almost everyone wants to lose weight. Most people will admit that at one point or the other they have tried to lose weight. There is no full-proof method that will guarantee success, but there are some broad principles that can increase the likelihood of success considerably.

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  • Mukhopadhyay

    Eat without Distruction point is a very good one.

  • Rituyadav

    although its mentioned not to miss meal but would recommend doing fasting once a week. or train your mind to fast between meals. that means nothing except water or buttermilk between the meals.

  • Hariom8006

    I use health supplement and reduce my 5 kg weight in 3 month gradually. for advice call 9008328976

  • satishtoyota

    I use protein based food and lost 19 KGS within 9 months and maintaining, so call for the guidance if you need the similar results, I have a nutrition food guidance by my wife itself call 9686183613 for more details

  • Rsingh341

    nice details to keep you fit and healthy..will try to adhere some :-)

  • nareshreddyg

    good one

  • rishirj75

    i keep nuts in my drawer to control my hunger. So i dont jump to pantry and eat lots of salted biscuits.:p

  • sanchana

    good comment

  • prascu

    All said is true..but really important thing is getting motivated :)

  • Casai

    good..one tip..have early supper...you may choose to drink warm skimmed milk before going to bed.

  • vikasbeemagoni

    There is a lot of useful stuff on this website, which has a solution for most of the common problems. Really liked it very much!!..Wish you guys all the good luck!!

  • Vinay225


  • balarajendran

    gud one!! :)

  • Goodluck

    " Take only one helping: Discipline yourself not to go back for a second or third helping and use a smaller plate which looks full even with less quantity." This really works out !! a very easy and simple first step towards Dieting. It worked for me :)

  • 440949

    Eat more of carbs in Lunch and more of protein in dinner, mix your wheat floor with bran floor. Include Salad in major meals. whenever you are starting with any diet avoid protein for first few days it will help detoxify your body. Avoid sprinkling extra salt on your salads or snacks.

  • 501016

    I have done quite some research in this area. And all the tips given above are genuinely valid as i have experienced it myself.

  • selfhelper1

    eat less rice!!

  • naresh7nj


  • nadiyaprabhakar


  • in223618

    I heard if having meal once in a week without salt even helps. Along with the above tips..? Also How about eating more sabji than chapatti? is that helpful? is less sleep could also be the reason for fat gain?

  • yeswanth

    good idea

  • Ayila

    Good tips!

  • devpawar

    good one

  • dineshtirluka


  • Ankitaa10

    nice tips

  • sonaa

    not bad

  • teju06

    Really great tips to loosen weight while maintaining health simultaneously

  • 196874