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Meditation - A Gym for your Mind

Research suggests that meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure, pain response and addictions. At Harvard Medical School, researchers discovered that long term practice of meditation increased the activity of our disease fighting genes in the body, thus changing our bodies at a genetic level.

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  • GapchuDu

    Very true.Great

  • ArpitBaba

    its great

  • ashu7uee

    Try Vipassana, one of the purest forms of meditation. You can book a course online (there is no fees). They teach you step by step in a proper environment. https://www.dhamma.org/en/schedules/schsota

  • saumya20

    sitting in silence and letting all thoughts surround us makes to feel more negative and irritating, is there any way to conquer this?

  • nemo78

    Easier said than done

  • nelseq

    in a busy schedule we can spend 10 mins. but 30 mins is very tough as there are also other things like reading,travelling,etc.

  • Janumar

    The whole Universe lies within us and meditation is one of the best effort to explore it and make our vision clear about life


    Good article

  • Biplabkumar


  • gopald30

    very true...

  • sarbha2

    nice one

  • VinodGanesh

    Wonderful article...Need to practice it daily...........

  • chicks800

    Good article. Would you like to share if is there any videos for meditation? which guide me more. thanks in advance

  • vidhya_siv

    Meditation keeps you happy & wise even though everything is against you :)

  • Kenzander

    Which makes me a strong believer of Medication and Yoga.

  • Kenzander

    I knew a teacher who was nearly 65 - 70 years old who had multiple heart disease or problems, she has practiced meditation for years and I have seen her playing basketball and taking only the stairs to climb buildings. At that age.

  • kishoram

    Superb +ve information

  • ibm_sunil.kulkarni@in.ibm.com

    very useful information..

  • shueeb

    Nice to relax the stress

  • thilaga123

    Useful Information..

  • sobuj sekh

    This is a good information

  • ibm_saritgup@in.ibm.com

    Correct way of meditation

  • ibm_snavali1@in.ibm.com

    Nice way of relieving your daily stress..

  • cmeduri

    Good suggestions

  • rekhajayaraman

    the best info for beginners to help them start with meditation

  • ibm_inbhakat@in.ibm.com

    A good one... But I have a question....is there any research done on any ill effects (if at all exists) of meditation?

  • sreenivaschowdary

    very nice information

  • ragavie

    very nice information

  • Shankar Sasikumar


  • Freedom

    Lovely piece of Information, was trying the same and felt the first instance of relaxation.

  • cnarashimaiah

    This is a good information to all,

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    very nice

  • cogmit

    Simply Best.....