Only a Housewife

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Do you know someone who is a full-time housewife? Maybe you've looked at her with envy thinking what a nice life! She stays at home all day. No tensions, pressures or deadlines. However, there is another side to it.




The Women has to do all the things along with her career is always praised by society.
The article above is to Motivate to Husbands whose wife is a Homemaker. Person who earns usually has a feeling that he is all alone doing a great job but we forget that there are hands of partner too in our professional life.


I feel that this article is too biased towards housewives. What about a women who has to do all these and who also has a career? I agree that they may not be able to spend the amount of time that a housewife spends on her children but the one working is trying to find a balance between her two JOB roles. Not to offend housewives but then a career women would always be handling more than a person just looking after a home