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Parenting While Making Space For More

This article focusses on self-care as a parent. 

As parents, we often tend to neglect our own needs or feel selfish for prioritising self-care. Research, however, suggests that looking after ourselves can, in fact, lead to better parenting practices and is essential for our health. This article lists a few ways in which you can make some time and space for yourself as an individual and as a couple.

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Parenting Self Care


  • SSJ19

    Interesting article that concisely highlights the importance of self care for mothers, applicable to stay-at-home mothers as well as working mothers (both have their fair share of responsibilities and stressors)! The suggestions are thoughtful as well.

    Sanjana J

  • vipinsharma387

    Thank you for this article. I loved it.

  • kganguly77

    This is true, more so in the Indian culture when focusing on own needs at times draw criticism from others. Parents must rejuvenate themselves in order to give the best to their child.