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People Skills at the Workplace

32 year old Shiamak is brilliant, creative, energetic and aggressive. A financial and strategic genius is what some would call him. Despite his brilliance and talent Shiamak is perceived by his peers and subordinates as self promoting, remote and intolerant. Relationships with his peers and subordinates were not a priority with him. He has just discovered a major production setback in an extensively publicized new product. Thousands of orders have been delayed, angry customers are furious and who knows how this news will affect the company's stocks. Things would not have reached such a crisis for Shiamak, if he had understood the value of building relationship with his peers and had his subordinates found him approachable, he might have been able to appreciate the cross-functional challenges of developing this particular product. Like so many other talented people he lacks the emotional competencies that would help him work better as a team.... Please log in to continue reading.

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    Really good information.

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