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 Self-help Library :  Relationships

Recovering from a Break-up

Ending a romantic relationship doesn’t only seem excruciating, it actually is. The relieving part of it is that most people are able to work through the grief in healthy manners and are hopeful of love again. This article intended for anyone who has recently been through a break-up, and contains a few pointers on how to cope with the situation. 

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Relationships Break up


  • nivm

    I remember reading a research on how breakups can be akin to physical pain. The individual is grieving the loss of a relationship as well as their idea of themselves. The article highlights an important step in recovery of rebuilding one\'s self concept.

  • LavanyaChadha

    Retrospection and questioning irrational thought and behavior pattern is extremely important. Break-ups can leave the person with a lot of unexpressed emotions, therefore, finding a release e.g, art based activity might be helpful.

  • SSJ19

    Well written article that is relatable and details a practical way to move forward with your life without suppressing or minimizing the impact of the breakup itself.

    Sanjana J

  • shibnrh.adhikari01@bajajallian