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Rewriting Your Life-Story

Discover ways of telling your life's story differently from now

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  • anonymoussunshine

    This is a great article and also very important! Thank you for sharing this. I really like how this article throws light onto the reality a lot of us face, when we start to blame ourselves. I think these self-help tips mentioned above to see the problem as something external to us is really encouraging to read again and again and use whenever needed. I also really appreciate how it is mentioned to look into the various political and social systems that may be responsible to shape the problem. I think that point is something to constantly reflect upon. I also liked how you emphasised on exploring how the problem has effects on our emotions, relationships and also encourages us to understand all the subtle changes that take place in our lives when we are overwhelmed by the problem. Very beautiful article.

  • sakagarw

    Amazing tips. Thank you

  • Mada

    Good article

  • gaurav9u

    Great article

  • pradeepyada