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Save time at home

Finding it hard to find enough time to finish your tasks? Spend less time, try more of focusing and self-discipline to get more personal time. Let's see how.

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  • DeepakramVaranashi

    Good practical tips

  • Shaloo

    Very good article..

  • yogarthi

    good one

  • best2012

    An article that covers the real life situations every working professional faces ! Lot of ground work.. Nice one. thanks.

  • prshankar2003

    Folks...Good tips...I like this. I am using this service for the first time. Found it very useful. Keep it up!!

  • Naresh89

    Thanks for this nice article.

  • aarthiramesh

    very good tips

  • Thanuchandra

    why we dont have Light off Policy . at least 7:00 light should to OFF.

  • Kratia

    Very useful

  • CaptainAmerica

    Really useful article Kudos ...

  • Settai

    Great guidance given in a simple way...

  • Settai

    Great guidance given in a simple way...

  • Bishnupriya Jena

    Nice one

  • padmayalavarthi

    very nice article

  • Pandari

    Very good article, every one has to follow the above said 8 suggestions and change your life style .... I like this article, thanks to 1to1 help.net....G.V.PANDURANGARAO, WARANGAL TERRITORY (RETAIL)