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Shy? Overhaul your thinking

Shyness is often a result of the way you think about yourself. See if you identify with any of the negative thoughts described below. If you do, you will need to replace them with more realistic, positive thoughts.

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  • Sashi2010

    Good one!!!

  • ManojMehta

    very good article..

  • pradeepsama

    Great writing

  • shilpacm

    Good article..

  • shilpacm

    Good article..

  • jagzaction

    I completely agree with pradymb. The article is more about wrong thinking or wrong mindset. Shyness is a part of human being. So it wrong to say that shy person is a wrong person or wrong mindset.

  • pradymb

    While I like the overall approach of the article another feeling also comes out after reading it that a shy person is "wrong" person or at least has a "wrong" mindset, this is not a good message. To overcome shyness an individual needs to stop thinking that he may be doing something wrong - this article is strengthening that thought - so please reproduce with more politically correct sentences. Overall the points highlighted are good.

  • Krishnanmurugesan

    Good analysis..

  • 9881611975

    Nice article .

  • numeruno

    A very good read ... the writer has covered most of the high level topics of a shy person. Just dont feel comfortable with the last para in which the writer says faulty thinking. I dont think we have a choice to call someones thinking as faulty