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Signs of an unhealthy relationship

A happy and balanced relationship involves a great amount of mutual respect, openness, accountability and genuine appreciation for each another. This article will help you find out what can lead to an unhealthy relationship or identify those signs before it happens to you as well.

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  • MrTambourineMan

    Well written

  • PBJ172065

    very much informative articles needs to read it care fully
    why dont these articles in audio form? if posible make it audio
    now a days even new online also available in audio form.

  • susenj

    i really wonder how many of successful relationships have avoided all the said factors.

  • sucharu1981

    Different persons can draw different meaning out of same words and situations, due altogether different life-experiences. Being present non-judgementally is the key. Many-a-times, frustrations are a result of weak relationship with oneself, not others. Analyze, if you are too difficult to please or too demanding! Priortize knowing yourself rather than others and with time, everything falls in place.

  • neema90

    Very Nice...Information...

  • abcd12

    Very Nice... Highly informative....

  • amrmmg

    well said!!

  • 384599

    Very Nice.....

  • sv43422536

    nice article...but people often fail to realize this.

  • sv43422536

    nice article...but people often fail to realize this.

  • vani02

    This answers all...if you are in an unhealthy relationship

  • prabakaran

    Good Article

  • ibm_ravimadi@wm.ibm.com

    correctly explained