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Staying Alert when Working at Night

We humans are designed to be alert and active during the day and sleep at night. However with the demand for work during the non-traditional hours going up, more and more people are required to be alert and work during the nights and sleep during the day. This can lead to lethargy and drowsiness at work which can affect productivity as well.

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  • baskar123

    Good Article

  • bhagatsudamr

    is there any limit for how many years a person can work in night shift?

  • Dineshkhadka

    Thank you

  • AmirK

    Its a great article. Thanks

  • karthiks123

    Good one. i will try to implement from today...

  • raghavendra.kanginakuduru@in.nestle.com

    good one but could be even better if spur of health related issues due to night shifts would have spoken that was more helpful

  • divakarguppi

    Hi, i am working in shifts from last 4 years, this article is very use full for me to avoid some heath issues, thank you very much.

  • liveyourdream

    Great Article! Thank you!