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Staying Committed to your Decisions

A lot of us struggle with making and standing by our choices or decisions. This article explores parameters to keep in mind while making a choice, or taking a decision. 

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  • Poohey

    This article was quiet enlighting simply because there were few aspects that were discussed in detail and briefly. One of which i would like to emphasize is about being kind and accepting set backs or failures. many times we tend to evaluate our actions critically and without love because of which it leads us to hasty decisions quiet often. I\'m glad to have read this article

  • vidushi15

    The way the process of making a decision is portrayed and the factors and dilemmas one might have is very fascinating. Kind of shows the reality that people might be escaping from rather than listing down like the pros and cons of the decisions.

  • Vaish16

    Loved how the article captured the difficulties & dilemmas faced when addressing hard decisions and sticking to them. In the Covid times, a lot of us are struggling between professional & personal life. Too much familiarity is also becoming toxic for people. Decision making in today\'s reality has become very consequence oriented, what to eat, where to buy from, where not to go, whom to meet and whom not to are all questions that surround us. We all can surely benefit from the 5 ways given in this article to evaluate and adhere to our decisions, which have become more powerful and life changing in the Covid times.