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Stress Prevention with Vitamin F

Stress is something that all of us go through with varying degrees of intensity. Most of us are aware of the need for a work-life balance, exercise, nutrition and relaxation for stress relief. Let us explore another important factor that can help in coping with stress. 'Vitamin F' it is not a pill that you can pop, but something that all of us can turn to - Family and Friends!

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  • SimratSinsinwar

    First if all the title was very innovative. it's quite apt because while we tend to attribute a lot of importance and beneficence to the pill, sometimes a friend and a family member is all you need to feel rejuvenated. The summary at the end was a great revision of valuable take away points from the article. Marking birthdays on calendar is a great way that I follow and I feel motivated to mark a few more now.

  • vvkrishnan

    Once you are sure that there is a family and friends to fall back, you will do even the impossible things

  • Gowrishankar Mallangi

    Nice Article, for sure its very helpful

  • 120054

    F stands for Feelings shared among family members

  • 120054

    F stands for feelings to be shared among family members / friends .

  • darshzma

    Fitamin F = Family :)

  • billo

    vitamin F, F stands for friendship.

  • dka12161

    Please Provide Vit.F Product or Medicine?