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The First Year of Marriage

A lot happens in the first year of marriage.Whlie there are many emotions involved during the initial years, there is also no specific rules or manual that a couple can use to have a perfect first year. However couples can stay prepared and this article helps with exactly that!

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  • GPKR

    hope my partner reads one like this

  • avneetkc

    This is a good article, I especially likes the part where it mentioned that the partners must agree to share the chores. In many households that isn\'t much of an option as women are tasked with all the chores without any doubt or discussion on the topic. A healthy division of work is always an important key to keeping al relationships happy.
    - Avneet Kaur

  • Mshuchin

    helpful.. thanks

  • arshprakash

    Thanks to the author.really helpful

  • JayashreeYadav

    Hmmm... Good....

  • kalichmu1

    well explained.....thankyou...

  • sundhari

    described nicely

  • Anjum17

    Nice 1 but a typical Indian lecture

  • abimanyuu

    good one

  • karthikselvi


  • Vijay14sgt

    good one

  • srnr

    Simple ...Reliable...effective speech nad guidlines.Great

  • vanimaddy

    Good Article!!

  • skids

    good one

  • Muffs


  • Sanobia

    How beautifully described

  • Prateek0311

    Nice.. :)

  • Sellur17


  • bhanu_65540