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The Superwoman Syndrome

The new Superwoman is ordinary in that she is neither rich nor famous. She is extraordinary in that she tries to be everything to everyone - juggling family life, social life, and commitments outside the home. The new Superwoman 'has it all' by 'doing it all' with superlative standards and ends up feeling overwhelmed, overextended, overworked and under-appreciated. Ever wondered where this term "Superwoman Syndrome" originated? Read on to find out...

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  • Krin

    really good to read.. to apply in daily life.. need to write and follow all pointers

  • KeerthanaPullela

    Wonderfully articulated

  • Aparna16

    wonderful article. must read for all.

  • smadhav@csc.com

    good article

  • jalz29

    nice one.

  • jalz29

    nice one.