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This Valentine's Day, Remember: Love Is A Verb

"If you could accept that your partner would never change, how would you feel about that?" (Alain de Botton, 2017)

The wonderful writer-philosopher Alain de Botton proposes that our notion of love is flawed – that we expect love to be like in the movies – romance, passion and excitement. But the movies only show us the process of falling in love – what next? Does romance and passion keep the dishes washed, the clothes ironed and the bills paid? What sustains good long-term relationships and keeps the love alive?

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  • AayushiT

    The articles bring to light a lot of important concepts such as wanting to be understood in relationships, hesitating to give the benefit of the doubt to a romantic partner, the importance of trying to understand and be understood. Love really is dynamic and the article makes a good case for it.

  • Nehagunjal


  • ChaitraReddy

    great words